An Update on my last post !

I have decided not to blog at the website I referred to in my last post for personal reasons, so if you would still like to follow me , you can find me here now.
Happy Gardening Everyone 🙂

Thank you Everyone :)

Thank you to everyone who have been following me here, even though I have not posted here since last year. I have now started to blog about my veggie garden on a friend’s new blogging website.New place to get me seen. I am on the original team of 4, but there is scope for many other bloggers to blog to their hearts content. Here is the link if anyone wants it…..
I have only posted my Welcome yet, but will be posting more. My gendre is Lifestyle which leaves me open to many postings 🙂
Take a look and see what ye think,

I Did Something Today!

Here I am sooner than even I expected, but my motivation is getting better. I went down to see if we had any egg from one of our girls,only one is laying at the moment the other girl is on strike 🙂

I wanted to get rid of some of the paths in between beds in the tunnel to get more sowing space, and take out a slightly raised bed which really was not needed, and marked out where the sandy soil was for Carrots and Parsnips                      








I also had a few peas which were out growing their container, so I planted them and gave them a bit of warmth with some bubble wrap..       








This little raised bed will have to stay a while as Lettuce, a few Peas and Rocket are growing, though the rocket looks a bit spindly…







Some winter Curly Kale looks like a tree with my little truck as a seat under it 🙂                                                                                                              








Some Tat Soi and Land Cress has overwintered too, but we don’t seem to use it much..









Well I hope you liked a view in my tunnel so far. I really need to sow some Onion seeds soon, hopefully this weekend. Cheers for now, Catherine.

New Year…..Great Expectations!

Having been AWOL for the last 6 months,I have made a new resolution that I will keep track of what is going on in my veggie garden this season. All I have planted so far is some garlic which is very slow growing in my tunnel. I have sorted my seed packets into months and have taken the Bedfordshire Champion onion seeds out of the box. 

The weather over the last couple of weeks has hampered any sowing or planting as the ground is just too sodden to do anything with. I have beds ready in the tunnel, but lack of enthusiasm has hampered me so far. I will get going soon though and take some pictures when there is something to show.

At least this is a start at blogging again and I hope you will have something to see soon 🙂

We did have some winter veggies right up until Christmas this year…

Christmas Day Veggies

Christmas Day Veggies

My 2013 in review, and Thanks.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 20 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

I would like to thank everyone who Liked or Commented here over the year. I know I haven’t blogged since July,but as the New Planting Year draws nearer, I hope to start blogging again.

Thank you to everyone and I wish you all a Happy and Productive gardening year ahead.

Cheers, Catherine C.

Sorry, 6 weeks not here, but good excuses this time ;)

Hy Guys and Gals….Phew…life gets busier the longer I live. I have to go back to 12th June when my daughter-in-law gave birth to my 9th granddaughter, Saoirse…and then 5 days later my youngest daughter produced another granddaughter, Leah…..Image

Then our weather started heating up and had to water profusely. Then I had to go on a weeks holidays with another daughter and her 3 children. We went Glamping (posh camping) in Killarney, we had a great week of weather..Twas actually roasting hot, but we survived. 😉 Never seen this heat in a long. long time!

Home again, home again, jiggity jig and loads of work before me, but I was well rested and ready for action. Himself did a good job in keeping my plants alive by watering profusely, but he was afraid to de-head and weed too much in case of a pending divorce case….lol.

So all in all, things and veggies are looking good…’s a few recent pics of my crops…

Broccoli and Cauliflowers…


My cucumber plant has taken off so well, have had to pickle a big jar of the first 6, now waiting for more further up the vine 🙂

And my onions got so big I had to take them out before their leaves drooped, wow…..too big to use for just 2 of us! They are now drying on the bench.



I don’t know what’s happening here, wordpress has changed so please bear with me 😉


The Pepper plant is doing well and producing many peppers..Image

Think I will leave at this for the moment, cause I cannot go back and review it, so thanks for stopping by, and will be back soon….;)

What A Difference A Month Makes!

Well it seems like I am a monthly blogger as it has been a month since my brother was here. I have been busy in the garden,just not here. I am more of a hands on person than writer obviously, even though I have great intentions to write, sometimes I even forget to jot down notes !

Anyway…..What a difference a month of good weather can make to seeds and plants. I have so many peas ready,I have had to start freezing them already…

001 003

Now, I have to say they are inside my tunnel. Actually I planted a lot of my veg in the tunnel this year because I was afraid we would have bad weather again and was taking no chances. But I will be able to sow my autumn veggies in modules sooner as I have free space on my potting table in the “Sheebeen” now.

Earlier, I had brought my strawberries inside the tunnel, under the home made bench, so with the latest sunny,hot weather they were big enough to ripen up faster…and I have had a nice few every day  now !  

Strawberries 29-5-13 Delicious Stawberry 29-5-13








The tomatoes did seem to be at a standstill for a while,but all of a sudden there were lovely yellow flowers and with the burst of  continuous sunshine for the last 4 days, the little baby toms seem to be growing daily, and I haven’t caught up with pictures for two days either….

Toms flowering 29-5-13










My Dwarf French Beans, which I love, have even thrived and we have had a small crop already. I did read somewhere that if you pick some when they are small it encourages more crops. I have 2 rows of these and when they are going over I intend to sow more for autumn.










Himself wants Celery and I was reluctant to grow it this year as it got eaten inside the stems last year, but….I gave in and made him happy….I just noticed in this picture that there is a big darker “S” shape….I think it is just the extra compost from the module….I hope….:)










This was our sunset  a few evenings ago. I don’t know when I last saw such a beautiful sunset in a couple of years!!











The Swede Turnips have germinated in an outside home made type of cold frame and are doing ok…

New swede seedlings 29-5-13









I spotted a space between 2 rows of tomatoes and just could not let it go to waste, so I sowed a row of Carrots in there. I think I read that carrots were ok to companion with tomatoes. At least when all lower tomato leaves will be stripped, the carrots will have more room 😉 I do have another row of carrots in a raised bed.

Row of carrots between 2 rows of toms 29-5-13









Himself needed some more fresh soil to earth up the spuds, so he dug a hole down at the back of the “Sheebeen”. Now…..what does one do with a hole at the end of the garden…..?  You turn it into a little pond where you can hear the wildlife and birds chirping away in the trees, and sit on a home made log seat and listen to their evensong and watch them feeding their young!

New pond with home made seat outside the “Sheebeen” 29-5-13









I also  turned my old overgrown Rockery into a Fairy Garden….This is now a lot fuller as the plants have grown a lot since the photo was taken!

Fairy Garden view 2









And last, but not least….a view up the veggie garden from behind the Gooseberries and Blackcurrant bushes, which are full of fruit this year 🙂

View 2 of the tunnels 29-5-13









Thanks for stepping into my world and I hope you liked the tour….

Happy Gardening to All !







Today is the day before my Brother Calls!

I cannot wait to see him,My Big Bro, he had his 60th Birthday last Tuesday with his 3 kids

Jim's 60th B'day and Cake


So I cleaned up my garden honour of his presence…


And my toms are doing good too, some in growbags due to lack of space…we never have enough space!!


I also re-did the writing in our “Sheebeen”…Murphy’s is the Cork stout drink that  my bro comes especially to taste the old taste…




And can anyone explain this…trees grow upwards, but this branch branched out horizontally!?



New pet named approprietly…Badger 😉





Me in my “Sheebeen”, himself was in a good humour today…lol! Bro will be here til Thursday…Gonna have a good time catching up!

Love and hugs to all who come and visit my blog 😉

May Day……May Day !

The signs of growth are showing over the last few weeks. The temperatures have risen slightly outside,but in the tunnel the little red line has gone up to 25C or more. But with the risk of night time frosts still, I did not do much planting outside.

The tunnel is actually bursting at the moment as I even planted the peas inside, and as I found out last year that french beans don’t like frosts either,but I love french beans,so in they went too. A bed of early potatoes are a must in the tunnel too,as we did not sow the tubers outside until last week.

Most of my onion seeds were ready to go out ages ago,but ground was still cold and so they secured a bed inside too. The brassicas seem to be the only other plants that are a bit slow in wanting to outgrow their modules and have only recently been potted on to await their transfer outside. I think lettuces seem to be the hardiest of plants as a small row of iceberg were outside before a few frosty nights recently and seem to be doing well. 

I have 6 small Moneymaker tomato plants in the last available bed in the tunnel, but I have been covering them with newspaper by night as I lost many to frostbite last year.

But, basically, everything seems to be trying their best to keep me happy. Even my grapevine has shown some growth and I thought that had died.Most veggies are probably a month behind, but hopefully we will soon get a burst of warm sun and all will be rosy in my garden 🙂

6 Moneymaker toms settled in 29-4-13  Spuds earhted up again 29-4-13


The potato patch in front of the Sheebeen 22-4-13


To save space I also use hanging baskets for tomatoes and peas 🙂

2 Yellow and 1 Red Cherry tom in hanging basket 29-4-13


Hanging-upside down Peas 29-4-13


Strawberries were kept inside because ants loved them last year and fattened up on my crop, not this year….I am getting wise to the little critters and am now sorry I did not buy a much bigger tunnel,even though I do like the outdoors a lot.

Green strawbs 29-4-13


Himself is partial to a few radishes,so a small row of these found a little space too…

Himself's Radishes 21-4-13

I can’t wait for the next few weeks to be able to taste all the new season’s veggies. Thanks for stopping by, Happy Gardening !

Marching On Into April…!

OK….the last post was in February…because I love to moan and didn’t want to put you all through all my disappointments about our weather. That’s my story and I’m sticking with that…lol.

I didn’t post in March because I was trying to just keep myself warm and try to forget about the heat this time last year.But as I am am a very avid gardener, I was cheating and sowing behind all your backs. Sorry…couldn’t help myself. 

On the 11th of March I wrote in my gardening diary that I sowed 20 French Beans, some different variety of Tomatoes,Radishes,Onions, Spuds,Carrots,Parsnips, etc…I love a challenge.!

Over the last few weeks,I have seen and realized that we have not had it as bad as the UK. So here is a few pictures of what I have growing now…!

Tunnel spuds 27-3-13

Spuds in tunnel, best place for them, due to last year’s devastating blight! But loads more chitting in shed…

Spuds still chitting 14-3-2013

Loads of seedlings doing good under an incubator inside my tunnel. Not taking any chances this year 😉

Tunnel strawbs 27-3-13

Strawberry fields forever…inside 😉

Dwarf French Beans 27-3-13

I absolutely love French Beans,going to sow more later too! Seriously looking forward to a good growing season soon! Our German Shepherd,Prince , only 10 months old, is learning to respect our garden…lol

My Prince 27-3-13

More to come …watch this space!

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