Welcome to My Veggie Garden

           Welcome to my Veggie Garden !

Just the Two of Us

My name is Catherine and I live in the very south of Ireland on the outskirts of a city called Cork.

I have grown vegetables ,from now on called (veggies) for many years now. I suppose you could say that I started as a young girl, when I helped a neighbour who grew tomatoes in huge glasshouses for commercial use. I spent hours transplanting the seedlings and tending them first, then picking the ripe tomatoes and boxing them up for transportation to shops.

May I say here and now that I thought it only fair to taste the produce for health and safety reasons ! Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! In all my years growing up I can say that I NEVER lost the taste for those first tomatoes of the season!

Years later when I got married and we lived in my husband’s home-place, which is where we stil live to this day, the amount of garden we had behind the house warranted us digging and re-digging the overgrown land and trying our hand at a few veggies and of course some tomatoes ,since I had the “know-how” from way back!

From then on we got more adventurous each year and at the beginning of this year,February 2011,  I was made redundant from my job as a Care Assistant. So with a few “bob” in my pocket and a hoe or rake in my hand, I decided to invest in our future retirement by buying a 14ft.x20ft. polytunnel. 

This would help to extend the growing season and ensure that I would still be able to garden and produce nice healthy veggies, even in our more than unclement weather here in Ireland recently.

Since June I have not bought ANY supermarket veggies whatsoever! We have enjoyed  Cabbage,Turnips,Broccoli,Onions,Potatoes,Strawberries,Lettuce,Peas,Beans,Beetroot,Cauliflower, Carrots,Courgettes,KohlRabi,Peppers and not forgetting those Tomatoes.


                      So now in the early days of Nov.2011 I have the   tunnel almost full again for the weeks and hopefully months ahead. With Leeks,Celery,Beetroot,Snowball Turnips, and Letttuces all nestled together in a wind and rain free environment, and I am looking forward to tending them without getting blown away by high winds, gales and torrential downpours.

I invite you all to follow my progress through the coming weeks and months ahead!

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  1. Good for you! I wish I had the land to garden with. I’d love to be able to know exactly where my vegetables come from and know they are organic and free from GMO’s etc. Thanks for the post.

  2. Lucky you I live in a flat so have no garden but I do have a small, half-plot allotment just a few minutes walk away where I grow flowers, soft fruit and vegetables.
    I don’t grow anything over the winter and have just put the plot to bed, but will be enjoying my stored potatoes and onions well into the new year.
    I shall bookmark this blog and follow your progress with interest. xx

  3. We had really bad luck with our veggies this year. We had one bunch of carrots and 5 strawberries! Best of luck with your project 🙂

  4. They just didn’t grow or they grew really late for some reason. Only 1 out of 6 courgette plants survived and didn’t flower til late August. We’d spinach for about a month. None of the herbs survived. I’ve no idea what happened. We’ll have to seriously review our plans for next year!


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