Feicin Frost..Irish Feic means..I See !

I saw the bad frost this morning and I knew…!
This was the 3rd night so as they say…third time lucky!! Noooo…this time it was unlucky for my Nasturtiums, they looked wilted when I ventured out today at aproximately 11.a.m. I knew what I would find, and I did!
But to tell the truth, I expected this to happen sooner. So I pulled some out and collected the seeds, which I can dry and then pulverise into a free type of pepper.
My hubby, who I call “Him-Indoors” when he is not working nights and “Him-Outdoors” at the weekend when he helps in the garden, likes his pepper so it would save buying some šŸ™‚
Tomorrow I promised myself that I would venture out the front and clip down the lavender. I really need to because I cannot see the pathway and I also want to re-organise it, because I have plans to make a Fairy Garden there for next year.

I have a friend in a garden site who will help me landscape it and I also have roped in my grandkids to help with their imagination!

Some thoughts on fairy garden ideas..


Watch this space in Spring!
Cheers, Catherine.

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  1. The first frost always come as a bit of a shock. We had two nights a few weeks ago when it just dipped below freezing killing off the dahlias, fushias and nasturtiums on our rather exposed allotments.
    I’m envious of your lavender, which I’m going to grow on the plot next year.
    And as for your front garden plans…! xx

  2. Lavender is so easy, just get a few cuttings or plants and they will multiply profusely, smell beautiful and bring loads of bees into your garden:)
    The pics are just some I got online, but I have great ideas from them
    Thanks, Flighty šŸ™‚


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