Cukes have Succumbed!

When I went down to open up my houses this morning, this is what I found…..

Frosted,wilted leaves. But the Cucumbers seem to be ok, so I decided to leave well alone for another day or two…

I will keep a good eye on them though and pick them if I think they won’t last on the vine!

What a beautiful autumn colour the Blueberry bush has! This is my first year with them so I have great hope of some fruit next year…

My seed and potting tunnel is doing a good job keeping seedlings warm,as I put bubble wrap between the frame and the plastic. With nightly frosts for the last week, Polly is around 15 degrees celsius at 11.a.m. each morning, and seems to be warmer than our house..thinking of moving down the garden for the winter..:)

We are also still able to go down in November and sit in their with Rossi for an hour before dark decends, It makes the winter seem shorter!

By The Way….

I have a male carrot too…Casper !

O.K…enough for today, talk soon again 🙂

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  1. Love your carrot. Mine were all got by carrot fly this year so must try harder next year. I know what you mean about the colour of your blueberry. I went up to the allotment the other day and ours is stunning it could certainly compete with any other autumnal plant. We haven’t had any frost here in Wales yet but I like the sound of your toastie polytunnel. It should keep everything nice and warm over winter.

  2. Thank you Wellywoman. My carrots were not as good as last year either, they were smaller and thinner.


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