Mildest, but Hardest November Weekend for Me, 11th to 15th.!

You are probably wondering what is the meaning of the title of this post, and well you might ask !

First of all the reason it was the hardest was because I received a phone call on Friday morning informing me that the little lady that I sit with and cared for had passed away at 8 a.m. I was so sad for the rest of the day I could not do or think about anything else. She,Jeanie, was such a character and had a great sense of humour. She also knew the words of every song that came on the radio and Bob Marley was a favorite of hers. She was laid to rest today…..Rest in Peace now my dear friend, Jeanie.!

Now… was such a mild weekend  I was in the garden in my short sleeves. What we in Ireland would call a “Pet Day”.

What a lot of outdoor work we got done. Well hubby did the hard work digging over beds for the last time this year,hopefully. I cleared some pepper plants that were getting mildew on them and 3 tomato plants in the tunnel. I freshened and raked over the beds and planted some very small seedlings of  Arctic King lettuces. In the picture you may need to use a magnifying glass to see them next to some bigger Mixed Lettuces 🙂

But already they have perked up and are standing tall . These will take their time and grow slowly over the winter months, but the mixed lettuces will fill the gap of having a nice lettuce sandwich now and again.

Four out of six broad bean seedlings have been transplanted also. You just cannot see the fourth one hiding in the pic 🙂

I was so amazed at how quickly they peeked their little heads above the compost. Planting at this time of year is a first for me !

The overall amount of greenery in the tunnel is really a great source of joy to me. It is my little winter jungle 🙂

Winter cabbages, celery, leeks, a few small snowball turnips and 2 beds of lettuces will keep the two of us for a while longer. I have not bought veggies since June !

Our reliable old hothouse which  for the last 8 or 9 years has been home to all my tomato plants, has been cleared (almost) but not cleaned or washed yet. My son made the frame and hubby and me covered it with heavy duty plastic, not a very professional job but stood up to all manners of weather over the years.

I replenished the beds with earth from outside to bring in some fresh soil . I think I will have a bigger profusion of marigolds next year as a multitude of seedheads have fallen everywhere. I will have to think over what I am going to plant in here next year as the toms have probably emptied the soil of most nutrients. Plenty of time to think it over though.

To the front of the pic on left is some celery and on the right is a block of garlic.

Today, Tuesday, I planted a few spring bulbs that my daughter had left over.

Now I have to tell you that me and bulbs do not get along very well. I have tried and tried,but gave up until now. Well free bulbs must have another chance..right ?

We shall see,won’t we ?

Well, I think ye have enough for today. I will be back when there is more to report.

Cheers for now, Catherine.

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  1. My sympathies as a loss like that is always hard and sad.
    It was sunny and warm here as well over the weekend so like you I made the most of it.
    You certainly appear to have lots still growing at present, which is obviously one advantage of a polytunnel.
    Fingers crossed for your spring bulbs, and hope that they do as well as mine! xx

  2. Thank you for your kind sympathy Flighty, and I will need fingers and toes crossed for the bulbs…LOL!


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