Sunny Saturday, Showery Sunday!

Well…..what is this November weather like?

Yesterday was a lovely warm,sunny day. I was out in my short sleeved t-shirt again. Unbelieveable for this time of year.

I looked for hubby and could not find him for a while…….where’d he go?? I called his name…no answer. So I just decided to go down the garden on my own anyway cause he never goes far. As I ventured downalong I could hear noise like rain falling….but the sun was shining…what the…?

When I got down further I realised himself was already down there washing the roof of the old hothouse that I had washed the sides a few days ago. What a dear!

So I left him at it and went down to the seedling and potting tunnel and checked the peas that I had drying out. I filled 3 black plastic containers with old multi-purpose compost from my carrot box and planted 12 pea seeds in each. So I am looking forward to seeing if it is too late or just in time for them to germinate. Time will tell and it is amazing to even be thinking of planting seeds in November anyway 🙂

So with such a productive sunny day I was really looking forward to today because the “weatherman” told us it would be nicer today….WRONG!!!!!

I opened my curtains this morning and saw nothing but clouds, drizzle and a mist over the hill. Oh No…Not another day looking out the kitchen window !

No….I know I needed to weed the sides of the veggie tunnel and as himself decided to clear our back utility room and paint it, I had to get out of his way. With hoe in hand I went off down and did the deed. I am so glad I did and now the tunnel is looking smart again and not shabby….I hate a shabby tunnel 🙂

Sorry I forgot my camera as usual, but will try to remember it tomorrow whatever the weather. I am not listening to the weather forecast again! So just for fun,here is a photo of approximately the same time last year.

Much better this year!








But I do love my Cosy Corner too. My chair, my laptop, my fire 😉





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  1. It was the same here…a glorious Saturday and in complete contrast a dismal Sunday!
    There’s always things to do isn’t there with the promise of that cozy corner when you’ve done.
    When it snows here it goes grey and mushy very quickly so I’d rather it didn’t! xx

  2. Yes Flighty, and today was another miserable dull,dank day too,even though they are forecasting frost for tonight!!!!!

  3. That is such a cozy looking room, it looks nicer on here then the other site for some reason or another. hummm
    I like cold dark wet, rainy days, it lets me drink hot soup and watch movies all day with out feeling guilty. lol
    your friend Eileen

  4. Thank you Eileen.Mmmmm, hot soup and a movie sounds good too, but I prefer a crisp,bright day in the garden 😉


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