Last Days of November 2011.

Well it certainly has been one of the mildest Novembers I can remember,and I have been around a few years now. Mother Nature sure has a mind of her own and is confusing us all including the birds and plants. Yesterday I was checking the blackcurrent bushes and spotted buds,does this mean I could have berries for Christmas desert?

I was down the garden the other morning at 7.a.m. with the dog and the birds were chirping away as if it was spring. We…Me and Him-Outdoors were actually sitting in the lower tunnel,where we have a nice seating area, in the dark of evening with just a warm fleece on.We had camping lights on and it was really nice!

Now down to business….!

Had I told ye that I scrubbed the old tomato hothouse….I think I did…..memory is getting poor..! So a few days later I planted little seedlings of Arctic King Lettuces for overwintering…

I can now see out and there is more light coming through!








I was checking the strawberries and taking off all the rotten leaves and low and behold I found some flowers and small green fruit nestling among the new leaves, I am going to leave them to see what happens, strawberries for Chrismas too??

     Wonders will never cease!







My broad bean seedlings seem to be growing well,except for a little black around the edge of top leaves!

        I will see how they do over the next few weeks.







Winter cabbages are hearting up nicely too…and mixed lettuces have provided a sandwich or two already.









I have 2 sweet peppers still struggling to ripen in the tunnel,but they are nearly there. Have also set some saved peas in 3 black plastic containers and they are already pushing through the compost! Whoever thought I would be sowing and planting at the end of November??? Not Me !

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  1. It really has been an unusual month for plants and wildlife with lots of surprising stories of what people have seen.
    There was the first proper frost this autumn here last night so perhaps it’s all about to change as we head into winter.
    I see that you’ve plenty growing there which shows the advantage of growing under cover, especially at this time of year. xx

  2. Thanks Flighty, we only had one light frost a few weeks ago. The wind and rain are blowing here now,and I think it will head over to ye then!
    “Forecasters” say no frosty,icy weather in the near future,so maybe we will get some so…LOL!


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