Slow Gap.

 Well, there is very little happening in the garden lately. The weather has been fairly mild, but getting slightly colder the last few days,mixed with rain and strong winds. It’s like two different seasons in one!

I have been pottering around willing the plants to do something, patience is not one of my best traits.

I took cuttings of Fuschia and Carnations some time ago and since then they have actually budded and flowered!












Lettuces do seem to be getting bigger slowly though and I hope to have my own lettuce for my Prawn Seafood starter on Christmas Day.Cabbages too.













Only two weeks left to get ready for Christmas, so I will pop off and try and start my preparations. See you soon and if I don’t, I wish you and your families a safe and peaceful Holiday Season.



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  1. It’s the armchair gardening period for me at the moment! Seeing your carnations reminds me that I really must grow some as they such a lovely flower.
    Thanks, and to you too, although I’m sure we’ll be saying it again before then! xx

  2. Thank you Flighty. Yes we probably will 🙂


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