In With the New and Out With the Old!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. As usual I left everything till the last minute,but it all got done in time for Christmas dinner. Family came and went and now I am relaxing.

A new year is on the horizon and I can’t say that I will miss the old one. It has been a tough year,with me losing my job and all the cutbacks,taxes and levies being forced on us by the government. I wish they would all just come and live on our meagre wages for ONE week.!

There is not much happening in the veggie garden recently,except for the new peas which are about 2 inches tall now. I did have freshly picked lettuce for my prawn cocktail starter on Christmas Day.








But I always walk around and check for new growth. I have rosebuds blooming next to the old hips,the weather is really so mild and the birds are chirping as if it was Spring already!

I cannot wait for the new planting season to begin. All the best for now,see ye all in the New Year!


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  1. We have 2 daffodils almost blooming and blossoms on our cherry blossom tree. It’s crazy!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Livvy. Yes, that’s the word for it…Crazy!

  3. Quiet and relaxing, just as I like it. I think that at this time of year all gardeners feel as you do!
    Thanks, and a happy New Year to you too! xx

  4. Thanks Flighty. Many Happy Returns!


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