To Sow or Not To Sow….That Is The Question!

Well, the first week of January2012 has been unusual, to say the least. Does anyone think that it could be March or even April ?  The weather has been so mild for this time of year,I am nearly afraid to talk about it for fear of bringing on a sudden snowstorm!

Gardeners all over are resisting the urge to sow or plant now to get an early start and have a lot of growth even before the “normal” planting times. Even though I have peas about 2/3  inches tall already, which I sowed last December in my tunnel, I planted them in the old hothouse today (Sun.8th.Jan).Why….you may ask….? Because today was a beautiful, mild and sunny day. The temperature in the tunnels almost reached 20C….I have proof !

So in went the peas…like little soldiers  lining up for inspection…I just hope the slugs and snails are still hibernating.

The little pellets you see on the ground are organic chicken pellets for an extra boost.

I sorted and tidied the potting tunnel (Sheebeen) in readiness for the first sign of continuous mild spring-like weather, but I will probably be able to start in the end of Jan/early Feb. under cover.

I found a lodger who had over-wintered in the Sheebeen, but she looked a little sluggish and did not like being on the Parsley too much…

So, all in all, I think I am ready to sow a few trial runs as soon as I can buy seeding compost!

I will let ye know when I do 🙂

Happy Gardening,


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  1. You have beaten me to it Cath this morning I was just thinking dare I sow seeds of a few things in the greenhouse. I think maybe a few lettuces, peas and broadbeans maybe. I am also going to bring my container strawberries in to re-pot then bring them on indoors for early crops. Just hope the weather stays mild.

  2. Hy Elaine, I do think if you sow them under cover that they will be ok. My broad beans are over a foot high now and the lettuces are picking up nicely. I gave them a little drink of seaweed/nettle tea instead of just plain water.I have a strawberry planter too,which I have already brought inside, but I also have a strawberry bed outside and they will stay out. I may then have early ones inside and later ones outside. Just trying every option this year, experimenting keeps me from getting bored.:)
    Thanks for commenting,

  3. It’s good to see everyone so busy in the garden at this time of year. I’ve spotted a few ladybirds over the past week as well, it’s always good to see them! xx

  4. So Flighty….have we given you any incentive to get of the “lounger/sofa” and get excited? LOL!

  5. Perhaps I should have said…It’s good to see all of us being so busy…! Mind you I’m still spending far too much time sofa flying…I think that I must have been a cat in another life! xx

  6. As long as you are checking seed catalogues on that sofa, that’s ok . I’ll give you till the end of the month..LOL!
    I’m going to enjoy following your progress from now on!

  7. Helloo….Instead of another blog I have decided to put my update comment here, because I don’t have any newer photos. I did buy a bag of potting and seed compost and re-potted my 4 carnation cuttings.the buds are coming out more now.
    I planted 4 aubergine seeds and wrapped them up well in bubble wrap, just to see if they would germinate.
    Today (16th Jan, ’12)
    The sun started to peep through the clouds,so I made a beeline outside. I moved my outside, 1 and only, raised bed into the tunnel,but I don’t know what to grow in there yet.
    I keep writing down different varieties of seeds that I want to try to grow this year and the list is getting longer. I hope February comes fast, as that will stop me looking at catalogues and actually planting!
    One more job I have to do is rake all the stones from the dug up path in the tunnel and move them out…….soon….I promise 🙂
    Until next time, soon !


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