Tunnel Vision !

Last Day of January 2012

Well I can’t say I’m sorry to see the back of January. Not that it was a bad month, but because it means that Spring is nearer. Actually, officially February is the first month of Spring!

And yes the weather has got colder today, but I don’t think we will see such cold and snow as the last two years now!

My title for this post came to me in bed the other night and I thought it was appropriate as I have new visions for my tunnel this year. I already told ye about the raised beds I brought into the tunnel and I have extended the Beds so that I can grow longer rows of plants. I intend to plant rows more than blocks because I was then limited to the amount of different veggies I could grow in there. I think I will be able to utilise the space more by growing 1 row of a certain veggie and and not have a glut. Then some weeks later I will have room to plant more to have more at a later date.

My fingers have got so itchy lately that I did succumb to the gardeners perogative  of  planting if I want to..LOL!  I had seed packets left over from last year , so I said to myself…..”Sow, Catherine…Sow! So I sowed !!

There will be NO disadvantage for me in doing this, only advantages. If they do germinate, I will be well ahead, if they don’t, I have the seed trays all ready to re-sow! Can you see the logic in all this ? I Can 🙂

So, anyway, this is what I did over the last week or so……do you notice how many times I have said…”Sow” or “So” ?

Here is my list of Sowings:

4 Pannovy Toms, 4 Pumpkins, 6 Aubergines, 4 yellow cherry Toms, 2 module rows of Kohl Rabi, 1 pot of early nantes Carrots, 1 row of Spring Onions, 1 row of Allsort Lettuce, 3 little rows of Spinach, Half a tray of Brussels Sprouts, 1 tray of Leeks, 6 red cherry toms, 4 pots of Sweet Peppers….!

I have covered the beds in the tunnel in preparation for these early, earlies by covering them with cloches to warm the soil…

Next is My Little Experiment!

As the soil in under the compost is stony and would not allow carrots to grow very long, I hammered down a stake to make 7 deeper holes and filled them with soft compost. Placed 2 carrot seeds on top of this and covered lightly with a sprinkling of sieved compost. Then to keep them warmer and keep out slugs, I covered them with plastic lemonade bottles ….As I said, it’s just an experiment!

Let’s see what happens next!










A few other photos of what’s happening now and I’ll leave it that for now!

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  1. Crikey you are getting ahead of the season, I haven’t even thought about sowing yet, as my greenhouse is full of overwintering plants still and it needs a good wash down first. Still, there’s plenty of time yet.

  2. Of course there is plenty time yet, Elaine. This is just a project to keep me going til warmer days 🙂

  3. There’s nothing like getting a head start at this time of year. As I sow most things direct in the soil I’ve got to wait a while yet before I even think about sowing anything! xx


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