My Fairy Garden Project!

Even though veggies are my biggest passion, I have to sort out the front garden so that people know someone lives here. The front has been neglected for a few years now and brambles were choking everything in sight.

I had an idea way back last autumn to make a Fairy Garden bed, so last week while waiting for veggie seeds to germinate I hacked everything down and began with a clean canvas at last!

The “2 Lads” were what was left of a big ugly bush that had died in the middle. Having hacked all day I was aching in all arm and shoulder joints, so had to wait a few days to ease out again.

Today was a good day and I shoveled topsoil into the new bed. As I tread around the soil, the paths made themselves and the bits and bobs I had collected from other parts of the garden fell into place.

Here are a few views of the Fairy Garden now!


Is It Spring Yet?

Since the end of January I have had an awful affliction……Very itchy fingers! Itching to plant and sow. But the weather has not really been in my favour. This has been the only time I can say that procrastination has been a good thing. We have had one day good and the next day bad.  The seeds I sowed way back just to see if they would germinate have been either hibernating or rotting away below. The little pots or modules stayed damp and dank, so many seeds did not make it.

To keep the “itch” away, I dug, prepared, raked and dug again. My beds inside and out have been ready to receive there inhabitants for weeks.  We cut down a big old Eucalyptus tree that was hovering on high over my seeding tunnel and there is more light coming through now. I also collected a load of horse manure from my daughter’s stables and shared it with a gardening neighbour. The amount of worms in the manure would fill at least a half a dozen wormeries! The pity was that the daughter kept piling more fresh manure on top of the old, so now I have to wait a bit for it to ferment and break down further. But I really should not complain as I will have lovely stuff for autumn plants.

The second week in February seemed to be the time for Lidl’s to get in some gardening stuff, so I bought a Golden Delicious apple tree and snuggled it in a sheltered corner.








I also went to the garden centre when the onions arrived and got 80 Sturon(white) and 60 Red Baron. Most of these have been sat now, some in the tunnel and some outside under a cloche. I bought a Basil plant and divided it up into 5 and put them in the back of the tunnel where I will plant some tomatoes later.






Because of the slow gap of waiting to plant more, I decided to make a start on clearing the “Jungle” ,which was once upon a time the front garden. I have been thinking all over the winter that I would turn it into a Fairy Garden and had been researching ideas and photos to give me ideas.  When Hubby went out to cut the grass last Monday, I decided to take my secateurs and saw and tackle the job. After many hours of hacking,snipping and weeding and bleeding I have been left with a fairly blank canvas with one feature to work around. The 2 lads in the photo could not agree on their jobs, so I had to take desperate measures and cut them down to size!

I have been going around the garden looking for stuff to use and put in place here. I will also go to second-hand shops to rummage around for more. But if the weather warms up in the meantime, I will have to shelve this to go sow and plant again!

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