My Fairy Garden Project!

Even though veggies are my biggest passion, I have to sort out the front garden so that people know someone lives here. The front has been neglected for a few years now and brambles were choking everything in sight.

I had an idea way back last autumn to make a Fairy Garden bed, so last week while waiting for veggie seeds to germinate I hacked everything down and began with a clean canvas at last!

The “2 Lads” were what was left of a big ugly bush that had died in the middle. Having hacked all day I was aching in all arm and shoulder joints, so had to wait a few days to ease out again.

Today was a good day and I shoveled topsoil into the new bed. As I tread around the soil, the paths made themselves and the bits and bobs I had collected from other parts of the garden fell into place.

Here are a few views of the Fairy Garden now!

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  1. Looks so cute!

  2. It makes me smile but it really isn’t my sort of garden! xx

  3. Aaah sure it’s just for the grandkids, Flighty 😉


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