Great Expectations or March Madness ?

What a beginning to March/Spring! I think Mother Nature must be getting forgetful! She gave us a mild winter and then just when we thought it would be o.k. to start sowing seeds, she lunges us into cold,sleety and snowy weather. Does anyone out there have anyway of letting her know that it is the time of year to start our planting ? We were fooled into a sense of expectation and gardeners,having “Itchy Finger” syndrome, started the process of getting our seed trays ready,and once we saw the sun trickle through…we were off !

Well that’s my story and I guess a lot of other gardeners without willpower are the same. Seeds were bursting to get out of their packets,so once the scissors snipped the first packet they were all on a mission to escape.Having their “safe havens” all ready for them, what else could one do ?

Now, mind you, we have had some nice warm days and the temperature in the tunnel even reached 19 celsius one day, but the nights have been cold and the little seeds that are beginning to peek their heads above the compost must once again be snuggled up in their bubble wrap duvets. But thankfully they do seem to be determined to survive since their “Great Escape”.

Romanesco/Chinese Broccoli seedlings must be hardy little fellas as they are doing well and have even been potted on into bigger pots.

Even the Pumpkin seeds sown way back in early January have begun to get fed up of hibernating any longer.

You can tell that I am a real gardener with those lovely earthy hands of mine. πŸ™‚

These carnation cuttings below were taken back in the autumn and have been flowering all winter!

I had a few spuds chitted earlier and just decided to see what would happen. I covered them with a thin layer of fleece each night and dared to peek at them now and again. Well Bless my cotton socks….they stayed safe and I have earthed them up already. I think the hubby needs to raise the “Raised Bed” now though!

Basically, my passion is for veggies, but I have been cajoled by some friendly gardening folk to diverse a little bit and try some “Flowers”! Β So I bought 2 packets of summer bulbs, Liatris and Acidanthera, 80 bulbs in all. Never thinking about where to put them till later on in the season I found these “containers” lurking in the back of a cupboard. Well, I don’t drink a lot of coffee so they got recycled. I hope they work!

All in all and when all is said and done I am pleased enough with what is happening in my garden. So I am not as cross with Mother Nature as I had expected to be πŸ™‚

Even the Hubby had itchy fingers last week and put out a few rows of spuds in his new beds πŸ™‚

So we are waiting in great anticipation for some successful veggies soon.

Regards, Catherine C.



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  1. I do grow flowers and shrubs, but, like you, veg growing is my real passion. Love it!

  2. You are way ahead of me Cath but as we are on holiday next week I thought it best to leave everything till we come back – I will soon catch you up I hope – we have had some gloriously sunny days but still cold – then we had sleet and more frosts, so I am not too put out that I am a bit behind. Like you veggies are my first love but I wouldn’t be without my flower garden either.

  3. Thanks Bridget πŸ™‚
    Elaine…..don’t worry…there is still plenty of time. It’s just that my fingers were so itchy I had to scratch them on something. And no harm done if things don’t grow, I’ll just sow and plant again! Have a great holiday!

  4. We’re going to do our seeds this weekend, but we’ll keep them in the house for a while!

  5. We’re in Carrigaline but I’m from the city centre. I don’t seem to have any blog post with a picture of the whole garden, but we only have a little space for veggies of about 4msq and about 2msq for herbs, strawberries, garlic etc… near the kitchen.

  6. Definitely a bit of both I think! It’s all looking good and you’ve obviously been busy.
    Good for you growing flowers as well as vegetables, there should always be room for both in any garden.
    It’s been colder and wetter here but the forecast is for warmer weather by the weekend. xx


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