St. Patrick’s Weekend/Mother’s Day/Granddaughter’s Birthday/Our Wedding Anniversary !!

Well……what a weekend and a half.!

Not so much on Paddy’s Day (Saturday) as grandkids were taken to the parades by their own mothers. My eldest granddaughter’s birthday is Paddy’s Day too and she was 14 years old ! So myself and himself got a good bit done in the garden in between hail showers. Himself  decided that a pathway was unnecessarily wide, so he dug it up to plant more spuds. My tunnel spuds were bursting out of the raised bed,so we barrowed more soil in around them and widened the bed.

I have high hopes for these spuds as they did very well in the tunnel last year.

One little 4 year old granddaughter decided to invite herself to stay with Nana and Grandad,so she was helping us all afternoon and had great fun playing with Rossi. Rossi just ran out of the picture!

Having had a good run around, Kayley decided she needed a bit of a rest before dinner….

Then after a full tummy and plenty of fresh air, she was all ready for bed……..


Next day, Mother’s Day, was the turn of more grandkids to visit and they picked a great warm,sunny day too! We were able to sit outside and just potter around while the children amused themselves, no need for sophisticated park amusements for my grandkids, they have everything they need right here in our garden….


  and PLAY!

While my daughter just sat and sunned herself!

and we looked over at a neighbour’s lovely Magnolia tree……


As an avid gardener, I cannot sit still for long though and went off around with my camera as an excuse to check all my own little “babies”.  So here are a few shots of How My Garden Grows now…

This is about the size for a hedgehog to fit in, but we have not seen the occupant or any traces of one yet!

Below is where you will usually find me while sowing seeds and potting plants. We call this “The Sheebeen”

and on the other side is our Seating Area…

Where on a warm St. Patrick’s Day the temps can reach this high 🙂


I grew peas in hanging baskets last year as an experiment and they did good, so this year I got the “brainwave” of trying them in empty milk cartons. I just saw this evening that 2 little pods have developed already!

A closer look at my work table, which changes every few days now to accomadate new seedlings as some get bigger and move on.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a different type of tour around my garden and family. Oh yea, I forgot our wedding anniversary, but we incorporated it into Mother’s Day as it is nicer to spend time with family than on our own. Well, we have been married for 36 years 😉

Thanks for taking the time to look,

Catherine C.


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  1. Congratulations!

  2. That was a busy wekend…productive too. Your spuds like great. We planted ours on Paddy’s Day as planned. I can’t get over how tidy your polytunnel is…even a cloth on the table! I like that idea of the peas in the hanging baskets. One to copy! So nice to have a big garden for the kids.

  3. Thanks, Bridget. The cloth on the seed table is to stop the water rotting the cardboard that the table is made of.
    You could also put strawberries in those hanging jugs too. Line the jugs up and stick a bamboo cane through the handles and voila….a lovely row of plants, up out of the way!

  4. Sounds like you all had a lovely day together.The polytunnels are looking great.

  5. Whoops sorry I read this post then forgot to comment! It sounds, and looks, as though you had a grand, and busy, weekend! xx

  6. Thanks Flighty…no prob….we all do that sometimes..:) Don’t ever worry….if you read it, that will do fine 🙂 xx


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