Three Frosts in a Row.

I know I haven’t posted in  3 weeks now. Sorry about that. I have been busy though. Have you ever wished that you did not experiment and stick to the Norm?  Well I am !  My little tomato seedlings that I had only just re-potted on and thinking the fear of frost had gone, were left without their covers at night….NOT a good decision by me. After the 3rd night of frost they got badly damaged 😦










It’s really an amazing phenomenon, because the ones in the picture on the left all succumbed and some of the ones on the right did survive! The 2 pumpkins got some frosting, but I think they may survive too.

These pots were in the “green tunnel”, on my potting table and nothing in my main poly tunnel got any frost.

Being an impatient gardener I also put my runner beans outside too soon and this is the result…

But because I am also an Optimist, there is plenty to be thankful for among my other plantings. Brassicas,Swedes, Romanesco,Kohl Rabi are all settled in their final  beds. I have 2 different beds, one has ground cover and I planted through holes cut in the cover. Just trying to eliminate the chore of some weeding!









And some April harvest to brighten our day…grown for Hubby….

Not a real favourite of mine until I tasted these delightful mild radishes and I also learned that you can use their leaves like spinach! So I decided to go off down with a container and gather some more ingredients to make a stir fry. Peas that have podded, but not grown big enough for peas to develop yet, a few leaves of herbs like mint and parsley, add some leftover chicken pieces,onions and mushrooms served with rice and yummy 🙂

My 2 apple trees seem to have a nice few of blossoms, One is a new Golden Delicious just planted a few weeks and the other one is just dripping with them….







My tunnel raised bed is doing well with carrots,radishes,beetroots and spring onions as are my inside potatoes…









Also a little bag of spuds as another “experiment”…


Some summer bulbs of Liatris are also showing good progress and I will be distributing some of these to one of my daughters. I will be hard pressed to find enough places to plant all these otherwise…


All in all, I am happy with the progress I have made and have learned not to tempt Fate or even Mother Nature!

Happy Gardening Everyone 🙂


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  1. Oh dear – what a shame! Will you re-seed your tomatoes or buy some replacements. Everything else looks as if it is doing okay – you are much further ahead than me – but I don’t have a polytunnel so everything has to wait for warmer weather.

  2. Hy Elaine, Thanks….I have enough tomato seedlings that did escape to keep me going, I’d say!

  3. There have been frosts here as well, and I know the several plot holders lost some tomato seedlings and other things that were in their greenhouses.
    Apart from that setback it’s all looking good. xx

  4. Thanks for your reply, Flighty. I realized a little later that I was not the only one. A big lesson to learn for next year, and the seedlings that did survive have been wrapped up with more fleece and T.L.C. at night until further notice.! xx


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