The Weather Outside is Frightful !

What WOULD we talk about if we didn’t have weather….?  Rainy weather, windy weather, hailstone weather….! You might ask me where is Sunny weather…..well I don’t know….I haven’t seen any yet..! Oh yea….I did see ONE on Tuesday ! 

April was such a dismal month I really didn’t want to come here and just blog about doom and gloom…..Oh dear….I have started now, sorry…LOL!

Well since the last post about my frozen tomato plants, things seemed to improve. The toms were snuggled into there fleeces every night and still are actually, I am still taking no chances! The extra heat and TLC seem to have worked. They came back to life slowly but surely. The main stems that got most damage did not revive, but the side shoots or suckers are shooting up. Actually, believe it or not, I was going to experiment with some toms and snip the main stem and let the suckers grow, like a bush variety. So out of some bad happenings comes good !!



The outside beds of brassica had come to a standstill too with little or no growth. Plants were whipped out with the strong gales,literally. So I was glad I had replacements waiting. The only thing that was growing were the weeds, so on Tuesday.our ONE sunny and warm day , I made a dive for the hoe and rake and perspired (I really sweated) and cleaned the beds, not forgetting to put the netting back also, didn’t want those pigeons undoing all my hard work 🙂

This pic is before the weeding!


I had more peas waiting to be sown outside and they were bursting their bottoms to get out of their pots, so I took those peas by the pots and patted them gently into the ground in the hope we get no more bad weather.

Other than that, I do see a surge in growth in the tunnel. Some normal, unharmed tomatoes are bursting out of their cloches, but I still put fleece on at nights. 



And the Bag of Spuds is ready to take flight……



We have already tasted some of the fruits..or veggies….of our labour. Radishes……



and some juicy peas…


So even though the weather has not improved as much as we would like, I think the plants have a need to grow despite the setbacks, I look forward to the coming months of more planting and sowing. I am a passionate veggie grower, so I never give up or give in 😉

One last sentiment which I found funny…….



Happy Gardening to All !




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  1. Dolle

     /  May 3, 2012

    Sorry for your rough weather, Catherine! No worries, soon it will be done, and your garden will sprout like magic again! Today, we are having great weather here, and I am putting out “my stash” of seedlings because the deer feasted on my first “crop”! I think I’ve figured out their thinking process: when they stay in the woods, it’s like eating at home. When they come to my garden, it’s like going out to eat! LOL

  2. Hy Dolle , Thanks for your comment.So sorry to hear about your Deer problem, yes they probably think your garden is the local take-away…LOL!
    Happy Gardening 🙂

  3. Love the little quote at the end!

  4. A nice busy post with some good photos.
    It’s been dull and wet here for what seems like days so I’ve not done much plotting for the past couple of weeks.
    That quote and picture is great isn’t it! xx

  5. Thanks Flighty, but most of my work was done inside tunnels. Don’t know what I would do without them! Cheers!

  6. I wish I could get some good quality soil and grow bags here! I’m trying to improve the soil in the garden here by having a compost heap but it is a mission! Too hot for a normal one as it dries out and nearly too hot for a compost bin, if I can make one! Everything has to be done from scratch here! The Nile no longer floods so chemical fertilizers are used. Soil quality far from the Nile is not brilliant! And our garden is watered from an underground water source and a pump, like the ones from my childhood! However, it is salty water from the sands. The inundation of the Nile washed these salts away in the past but not any more!

    • ~Dolle

       /  May 9, 2012

      Gaiamethod, here is an easy to make compost bin….powered by the children!
      Hope it gives you some ideas for your own compost.

      • THANK YOU. That is a great idea!!! I have a large bin but no drill so I can heat a large nail and melt holes instead. We had to do that with the chicken feeder! Rolling it around? There are plenty of kids here who would only love to do that!!! Thank you.

  7. Thanks for your reply, Gaiamethod.It must be difficult to get veggies to grow with the poor soil.

  8. Hi cathy,let me say you are one hard working woman,If we had to do all the sowing ,potting and repotting and planting in the garden I would never get a vegetable grow.I have to say here in North Georgia,USA it is much easier to grow a vegetable garden and some crops can be grown 2 times if the summer is good. But I got a good chuckle trying to figure out what you are growing,I knew what the peas are and the spuds (potatoes) and some things i’m in the dark about I think some type of greens,Oh and the radishes are lovely and I love them in salad. Take care and don’t wear your fingers off.

  9. Look forward to hearing from you

  10. Thanks Elizabeth,I do love getting my hands in the dirt 🙂

  11. The weather isn’t any better here in Cork. In fact after a bit of sun this morning, it’s raining again!


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