What a Lovely Surprise !

I have been a gardener for many years,even before new technology brought the World Wide Web to my armchair. But over the last few years I have learned how to surf, google, and find gardening websites. It has opened a whole new world of  friends to me, especially because we have something in common. It is also nice to swap tips, ideas and advice with like-minded people. But the best of all are the friendships I have made. I believe that gardeners worldwide are the nicest bunch of people ever !

A dear gardening friend on a U.S. Garden Site,who seemed to “click” with me has just sent me the nicest box of fairy figurines for my fairy garden ! I cannot believe her genorosity and kindness to me…



Thank you so much,Bonnie. Now she will be always in my garden as well as my heart  🙂  I will now have to rearrange my fairy garden,having rushed out yesterday to weed and find what was in there already. Although, because of the special significance of the origin of these little dears, I was thinking of keeping them out back in my rockery where I would see them every evening while sitting and watching the sun set.

Everything in my veggie garden seems to love the weather we are having now, warmth and rain. Plants are shooting up every day and we are eating the fruits and veggies of our labor. Tomato plants are baring little fruits now and I can’t wait for that first taste again..



These are beefsteaks and I also have red and yellow cherrys,moneymaker,trailing pearl. I saved most of them from last years seeds.

Romanesco broccoli surprised me,I was away at my daughter’s for 2 days and came home to this…Yummy..!



The courgettes/zuchini are producing little ‘uns at an alarming rate. With 2 plants in the tunnel and 4 more outside,if anyone is coming to Cork in the near future please call for free samples..LOL!


They will soon be covering my row of Lettuces and Carrots…..why did I think I would have room for them in the tunnel ? 



I took out the broad beans and replaced them with some of the outside strawberries. I had netted from birds and pelleted from slugs, but I forgot that ants just LOVE strawberries too. They had eaten some of my biggest ones down to the core 😦 So now they also have collars on them in the hope of a few nice juicy ones without holes !



My outside cauliflowers and peas seem to be doing very well and not a hole or slug damage in sight…YET..!



These are my 2 brassica beds between the two tunnels. You can see my “new” compost bin made from old pallets in the background. I have savoy cabbage plants bought from the local garden centre, but I really think most of them look more like kale !



One last look down to the veggie garden from Nana and Grandad’s  Secret Garden…


Thank you for calling to see my garden and veggies, Happy Gardening to All 🙂

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  1. Happy Solstice to you! Everything looks great in your garden. It’s amazing how generous people can be, renews ones faith in human nature. Bridget

  2. Your garden is looking really good – and to be getting harvests this early is certainly an achievement. We have had a couple of lovely sunny days here which I am sure will do the plants the world of good they needed a bit of sun to get them going.

  3. Thanks Elaine. I do think the combination of warmth and rain has really boosted the plants. But also increased the slug population 😦

  4. Good luck with your strawberries. Something got at mine today, in spite of netting, straw and ant deterent. Mm..

  5. What a lovely surprise! I know just what you mean about making new friends who are generous and kind. xx

  6. Lovely garden my friend. Everything looks so nice and green there.

  7. Hello Catherine. We “met” on the UK veg gardeners site and I’ve been meaning to say “Hi” on your blog. I’m seriously thinking about a polytunnel if I can figure out where to squeeze one in my garden, so I’ll be following your posts with interest! xx Debbie.

    • Hy Debbie, thanks for checking me out 🙂
      Once you do get a tunnel, you will wonder how you ever managed before..:)

  8. What is that growing in the upper left hand corner of your strawberry photo? It looks like nasturtium leaves. Whatever it is, it’s growing in my vegetable garden too except that I didn’t plant it. I almost pulled it but decided to let it grow so I might find out what it is.

    • Yes, Marcella, that is a nasturtium plant.They really do spread and something must have brought it into your garden if you didn’t have any there before.


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