I’m Back….and Better !

Since my last post I am feeling a bit better. Amongst all the happenings I developed a head cold and chest infection, so I really went down hill and did not do anything worth talking about down the veggie garden. Also a daughter and her two little girls have moved in temporarily while they look for another house to rent. Kayley, aged 4, has been a great help to me. She loves coming down and opening the tunnel doors in the mornings and closing them in the evening. She likes to do a bit of watering and checking plants out too…..



Dare I say this…..the last 3 days have been warm and sunny…so the humour is on me now. I got myself outside and down and dirty in the soil once more….what a lovely feeling to get my nails black again…LOL! There seems to have been a burst of growth firstly from all the heavy rain and then the heat that followed. The gladioli opened over the weekend….


Tomatoes have at last started to ripen, even though some are more bitter yet,needing more heat and sun for a little while longer…


The outside Brassica beds look a bit bedraggled from not weeding ,but that is on my agenda for this weekend. I actually found a big, ugly slug today sitting on the side of my little white cauliflower…..I’m sure the neighbours heard me cursing at him as he went on his fast, merry way !


The tunnel has been getting a bit “foresty” looking lately, what possessed me to grow 2 courgette/zuchinni plants in there??? I didn’t even want to sow any this year, but you know us gardeners….if the seeds are there…they get sown…!


I will not be planting brassicas in the tunnel anymore either. They get too tall and take over. They do well enough outside. Hubby has an idea on how to maybe out wit the slugs next year…..build raised beds on stilts….we DO have enough pallets and more to come next year. 🙂 

My parsley has been allowed to go to seed in the hope of saving my own for next year. I just don’t know when they will be ripe, or do they flower first?

Yesterday and today I planted purple top Milan Turnips in the old hothouse. They had been lingering in their modules for so long I hope they grow. I pulled more of my white and red onions today. The stalks had bent over and some have thick necks, so these will be used up each day and what’s left will be strung up and  stored . I had 3 nice strong looking sweet pepper plants in a growbag down in my “Sheebeen”……but when I went to check today one of them had been almost decapitated and I saw those slimy trails that give away the perpetrators …so disappointing !


Three aubergine/eggplants seem to be doing well in a growbag too. There are a few little buds nearly ready to flower and look stronger than last year. Last year the flowers just dropped off before setting fruit. So hopefully I may see a real one this year.



I did take some new photos today, but they will not load on my computer , I will try again tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and it is good to be feeling better again and getting outside to get “Down and Dirty”…..LOL!

Happy Gardening and hoping for more of this nice warmth and sun,

Catherine C.


Sometimes…..I Feel So Alone!

I know the weather does not help…I could always use the  S.A.D. Syndrome too…probably most of Irish folk will soon too ! But we…Himself and I..proper grammar here…:)..have been through a few bad weeks of family related problems/issues.! We use to be able for them when we were a small bit younger, but the “aulder” we get the more it affects us!

Himself..as with all men…keeps things locked inside and lets it fester. Why do they do that when we women would love them to talk….cry..or just lean on our shoulders?? Just once would do and then we would know they really have feelings. !

Last year’s pic of Mary in between her 2 brothers..Rest Mary..you will be back in Carrigrohane soon 🙂


The garden has not seen me much lately, I remember being outside til at least 10.p.m. in years gone by…now we are inside at 7.p.m…What’s that all about?

I do have to admit that veggies outside do not have to be watered by hose this year, but there was a certain kind of calmness and special dreamyness about the hour spent watering…right?

My Tomatoes are growing and fruiting, but there is also this spotty,furry fungus stuff all over and I try to pick the affected leaves off as much as I can….!

I think we have to seriously think about next years planting assuming the weather is not going to improve much more than this year….Global Warming…how are Ya..!!

This time last year these would be so red…!

Let us just hope and pray we can still plant veggies, cause that is what I do!

Happy Future Gardening to Us All.

A Short Sad Post.

This is slightly off my usual topic of gardening, but I need to do this.

My dear sister-in-law, Mary..or Maimie…. as I knew her as..passed away last Friday.

She lived in Boston,Mass.U.S.A, since she was 17 years old, but came back home on holidays many times.

She had been suffering and she really hoped she would not linger too long. She had said her goodbyes to us last week. Just last year she and her husband Joe had been back here on holidays and loved what I have done to the garden. Where I live here with Mary’s brother is their homeplace, so I am the custodian of the Garden 🙂

Mary saw the peas I grow and took one straight away and even ate the pod….! Their Dad always grew veggies here in the old days, so she would be well use to fresh veggies.

Maimie’s ashes will be coming home to rest with her sister,Rita, in our/their garden where they spent there childhood.

I now call it The Garden of Remembrance.

Under her Dad’s Holly Bush and My Weeping Willow. We will always have the “Girls” with us when we garden now.

Rest Now, Mary. You are with your Mam,Dad, and sister Rita.

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