Sometimes…..I Feel So Alone!

I know the weather does not help…I could always use the  S.A.D. Syndrome too…probably most of Irish folk will soon too ! But we…Himself and I..proper grammar here…:)..have been through a few bad weeks of family related problems/issues.! We use to be able for them when we were a small bit younger, but the “aulder” we get the more it affects us! with all men…keeps things locked inside and lets it fester. Why do they do that when we women would love them to talk….cry..or just lean on our shoulders?? Just once would do and then we would know they really have feelings. !

Last year’s pic of Mary in between her 2 brothers..Rest will be back in Carrigrohane soon 🙂


The garden has not seen me much lately, I remember being outside til at least 10.p.m. in years gone by…now we are inside at 7.p.m…What’s that all about?

I do have to admit that veggies outside do not have to be watered by hose this year, but there was a certain kind of calmness and special dreamyness about the hour spent watering…right?

My Tomatoes are growing and fruiting, but there is also this spotty,furry fungus stuff all over and I try to pick the affected leaves off as much as I can….!

I think we have to seriously think about next years planting assuming the weather is not going to improve much more than this year….Global Warming…how are Ya..!!

This time last year these would be so red…!

Let us just hope and pray we can still plant veggies, cause that is what I do!

Happy Future Gardening to Us All.

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  1. Sorry to hear the weather and family issues are getting you down. I hope the sun will come out soon for you.

  2. Thank you silverbells….I know the sun will shine in corners where we least expect ! Just had to post my feelings…!Ye are all such good friends….I thank you all!

  3. That’s the Nature of the Irish man…well the majority of them anyway. They just hold it all in. It will take generations to change this if ever. That’s why I married an Englishman second time round. As to gardening the only way methinks is under cover. I know potatoes, cabbage, onions will do ok outside but for the rest it’s got to be polytunnels.
    Keep the spirits up
    Bridget x

  4. Dolle

     /  July 7, 2012

    Great news Everyone (which I’m sure you already know!) is that your climate is ideal for growing a huge range of vegetables. Many of these vegetables are naturally easy to grow, requiring very little work or looking after. I think we all share the same problem, tho, which is that many of the vegetable seed varieties (that we sometimes purchase) are not suited to our climate(s). They are often commercial varieties, specially bred for growing conditions in Spanish glasshouses, not for outside growing in the temperate climates that we have in the US, UK and Ireland. And while Catherine does not have to water her garden so much this season, I am beginning my 2nd week no rain, along with 100+ degree temperatures! HA! And so…we must follow Bridget’s lead and be more versatile, figuring out what’s best for our own —lives and gardens—-as we go along, season after season. (Thanks, Bridget!)

    Stay focused on the prize, dear Friends! There will be ups and downs along the way in everything we do in this life. But the chances are pretty high that if we stay positive and don’t allow the troubles of life to keep us “down”, we’ll have lots more smiles than tears. Yes, even when we’ve planted the seeds a bit wonky. Yes, even if our plants look very small at the moment. Even if the weather is terrible for this time of year. And yes…even when we must say our last good-byes.

    Trust in Mother Nature to do her thing and trust your own expertise at gardening. Soon….once again you’ll have those regular bowl fulls of fresh lettuce and side orders of carrots and beetroot, just minutes after picking. Gardening still makes me smile, especially during the tough times of life!

  5. I lost my sister a few years ago so I know how painful it can be. Her son dealt with it by not dealing with it!!! He had to be man! He was 21! My daughter could not understand him at all as she could feel everything!!! Many men tend to shut things away and not allow themselves to react emotionally but they are feeling it! All you can do is be there.
    As far as the toms are concerned? Definitely going with the flow of nature in deciding what will grow well and what won’t is very wise! Assume that its going to be like this for a while and if its not ? Well you’ve gained some things and missed out on others. But hey…that’s life isn’t it? I’m learning that lesson big time here!!!
    Take care and I hope things get a little easier for you and yours soon.


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