End of August Harvest and New Winter Planting.

Hello all. Since my last post we have had a spurt of growth with the rain and warmth over the last few weeks. The finer and warmer weather has also boosted my spirits and given me a renewed vigor for continuing to grow and sow. With the news that shop bought vegetables will be much dearer this winter and the impending harsh budget, I have decided to sow and plant winter veggies once again.

I already had a few leeks in earlier and they are nearly ready for harvesting…but have also planted a few more baby ones that were languishing in their old little toilet roll holders…



and I am really looking forward to making my home made Leek and Potato soup again, even though we lost most of our spuds to blight. But Himself Β has planted a few red roosters that had started sprouting in the bag and if we get a frost we will cover them in fleece. They have already peeked above the ground.

A small row of parsnips that I only chanced growing this year in our fairly stony ground to which we added a fork’s depth of sand, has astonished us beyond belief as I thought they would have forked out not far below the ground, but look what we got….



Can you imagine our delight ! It took all our strength to try to gently tease these out of the ground. I will definitely try this again next year πŸ™‚

Despite the frost way back,when I sowed tomato seeds too early and I thought they had died, but I gave them a fighting chance and they pulled through. It was a long haul during the bad summer weather, but I nurtured them with home made brews of nettle and comfrey liquid feeds and a nice few of them did me proud …….especially the beefsteaks,as this was my first year growing these….


Another big surprise was that just for fun I sowed and planted a few seeds from last Halloween’s shop bought pumpkin…..I now have 4 plants winding around the garden doing their own thing, BUT….one of them has produced an offspring so far :)…..This was taken on the 28th August, and I think it has even got a bit bigger since then. I am so delighted, even if it never gets any bigger πŸ™‚


I have had a good crop of onions which are now drying out nicely and will soon be plaited and hung up to store. Another few rows of perpetual spinach have been sown and some are peeking through Β and a few more dwarf french beans and we are all set to eat home grown for another few months. Empty beds in the tunnel have been replenished with horse manure and I have a barrel of seaweed liquid brewing up nicely.Β 

We have heard that the weather is suppose to warm up next week, typical, because the children start going back to school from tomorrow , always happens in Ireland!

I hope to post again before I go on a bit of a holiday with my daughter and 3 children at the end of September to see my son who happens to live in the south of Spain, where it is warm,dry and sunny still. πŸ™‚

Thanks again for stopping by and reading my little ramblings,

Cheers and Happy Gardening,


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  1. It seems like it’ll just be carrots and courgettes for us this year. Enjoy the sun!

    • I will try very hard to enjoy it, Livvy πŸ˜‰ If you ever want to call out sometime, you are very welcome, might even have some produce for you πŸ˜‰

  2. To be able to harvest a parsnip with all that root is a great achievement – mine usually snap off. Looks like you aren’t doing too badly at all with your crops.

  3. Well done, especially with the parsnips! As Elaine says you seem to doing okay considering what a year it’s been. xx


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