New Beginnings in the Old Cabbage Patch!

Well….a new project for us.  Something I had avoided for ages, but now they are here,I love em.!

We have adopted two 2 year old “Light Sussex”girls, named Maisy and Daisy.We got a small coop with them, but my daughter who already has 8 hens gave us a present of a bigger coop.


It was actually hubby who insisted on getting them, but they are so fascinating to watch. This pic is of them on the lawn area for the first week to get them use to new surroundings. They were cooped up for 4 days to get them orientated. Then last Friday we carried them down to the old cabbage patch which we corralled off to keep them safe and secure.They were so delighted and had a dust bath straight away!


One of them, now we know it’s Maisy, has been laying every day since…Our daughter had been giving us eggs for a while, but the excitement of actually taking your own one from the nest is awesome!


This morning we decided that they like the old cabbage patch so much, we moved the coop down for them. Just in time too, because it rained today,so they could go in or stay out at will.



They are such fascinating creatures to watch….Glad I was persuaded to keep them, Thanks Hubby 🙂

Their old cabbage patch has been renamed…The O.K. Corral…LOL!

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  1. Yummy! Fresh eggs!

  2. YAY! : ) Daisy and Maisy lay lovely fresh eggs with a lovely deep yellow yoke! you can see it is organic eggs …. well done girls! : )
    Your Blog is looking awesome Cath! : )

  3. Lucky you with the fresh eggs, and fertiliser.
    I always stop and look at my plot neighbour’s chickens, as you say they’re fascinating to watch. xx

  4. It must be wonderful to wake up in the morning to your own eggs!

  5. Sadly my chicken keeping days are over but I kept them for over 20 years and really miss having them around. Your girls are lovely – there’s nothing like fresh eggs of your own – so much better than supermarket eggs.

  6. So nice to have chickens. Those Light Sussex are really good layers. I so want to have chickens again.

  7. What an enjoyable post, I really want to get some hens but don’t have time at present to care for them. I get fresh eggs from the rescue and they really do taste wonderful and it’s so nice to know the animals are so well cared for.x


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