A.W.O.L…..for 5 months…..But I Have Returned !

I know….I know….I’ve been off the radar since I got back from last autumn’s sun holiday. To come back to our horrible Irish weather was a bit of a “downer”. I dabbled, tipped around and weeded here and there, but my heart wasn’t in it enough to come and blog about the gloomy weather. So I decided to just read others and keep a low profile. We did get through the winter with some veggies like Leeks,soggy Onions, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots and Perpetual spinach.

The depth of winter was so wet,windy and downright miserable and there were few days that I even ventured down the garden.It was so boggy I could have cut turf/peat….LOL!

Another thing lately was that my laptop crashed and I lost everything including hundreds of photos from way back, maybe 5 years worth of them 😦 But  I know someone, who knows someone, who knows a lot about fixing laptops, hard drives, etc….so I am back up and running with a new hard drive and almost like new laptop. Only thing is I will have to start taking photos of  all my garden as it renews this Spring. Let’s say……a New Year…..a New Beginning .

I am reluctant to start sowing too soon this year after the disastrous late frosts, another few weeks should get us going full speed again.

However…..I did sow some peas on the 8th of January under a mini cloche that Himself erected on a bench in the tunnel, and they are now quite healthy looking plants, fingers crossed

Peas 14-2-2013

I have also sown some more garden peas and sugar snap peas and 2 trays of Onion seeds. This is my first attempt at sowing onions from seed…fingers crossed again.!

The tunnel is all washed down, inside and out, so all beds are ready for their little bed-fellows !

Our 2 “Girls”, Maisy and Daisy made it through the winter and moulting and are looking well and healthy and producing an egg each once more. 

Maisy and Daisy 14thFeb2013


Well, that’s basically all for now. I hope to take new, fresh photos as buds begin to flower and the ground dries up and more seeds are sown. Thank you for stopping by and reading my ramblings again.

Cheers for now and Roll On Planting Time,


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