Marching On Into April…!

OK….the last post was in February…because I love to moan and didn’t want to put you all through all my disappointments about our weather. That’s my story and I’m sticking with that…lol.

I didn’t post in March because I was trying to just keep myself warm and try to forget about the heat this time last year.But as I am am a very avid gardener, I was cheating and sowing behind all your backs. Sorry…couldn’t help myself. 

On the 11th of March I wrote in my gardening diary that I sowed 20 French Beans, some different variety of Tomatoes,Radishes,Onions, Spuds,Carrots,Parsnips, etc…I love a challenge.!

Over the last few weeks,I have seen and realized that we have not had it as bad as the UK. So here is a few pictures of what I have growing now…!

Tunnel spuds 27-3-13

Spuds in tunnel, best place for them, due to last year’s devastating blight! But loads more chitting in shed…

Spuds still chitting 14-3-2013

Loads of seedlings doing good under an incubator inside my tunnel. Not taking any chances this year 😉

Tunnel strawbs 27-3-13

Strawberry fields forever…inside 😉

Dwarf French Beans 27-3-13

I absolutely love French Beans,going to sow more later too! Seriously looking forward to a good growing season soon! Our German Shepherd,Prince , only 10 months old, is learning to respect our garden…lol

My Prince 27-3-13

More to come …watch this space!

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