Today is the day before my Brother Calls!

I cannot wait to see him,My Big Bro, he had his 60th Birthday last Tuesday with his 3 kids

Jim's 60th B'day and Cake


So I cleaned up my garden honour of his presence…


And my toms are doing good too, some in growbags due to lack of space…we never have enough space!!


I also re-did the writing in our “Sheebeen”…Murphy’s is the Cork stout drink thatย ย my bro comes especially to taste the old taste…




And can anyone explain this…trees grow upwards, but this branch branched out horizontally!?



New pet named approprietly…Badger ๐Ÿ˜‰





Me in my “Sheebeen”, himself was in a good humour today…lol! Bro will be here til Thursday…Gonna have a good time catching up!

Love and hugs to all who come and visit my blog ๐Ÿ˜‰


May Day……May Day !

The signs of growth are showing over the last few weeks. The temperatures have risen slightly outside,but in the tunnel the little red line has gone up to 25C or more. But with the risk of night time frosts still, I did not do much planting outside.

The tunnel is actually bursting at the moment as I even planted the peas inside, and as I found out last year that french beans don’t like frosts either,but I love french beans,so in they went too. A bed of early potatoes are a must in the tunnel too,as we did not sow the tubers outside until last week.

Most of my onion seeds were ready to go out ages ago,but ground was still cold and so they secured a bed inside too. The brassicas seem to be the only other plants that are a bit slow in wanting to outgrow their modules and have only recently been potted on to await their transfer outside. I think lettuces seem to be the hardiest of plants as a small row of iceberg were outside before a few frosty nights recently and seem to be doing well.ย 

I have 6 small Moneymaker tomato plants in the last available bed in the tunnel, but I have been covering them with newspaper by night as I lost many to frostbite last year.

But, basically, everything seems to be trying their best to keep me happy. Even my grapevine has shown some growth and I thought that had died.Most veggies are probably a month behind, but hopefully we will soon get a burst of warm sun and all will be rosy in my garden ๐Ÿ™‚

6 Moneymaker toms settled in 29-4-13ย ย Spuds earhted up again 29-4-13


The potato patch in front of the Sheebeen 22-4-13


To save space I also use hanging baskets for tomatoes and peas ๐Ÿ™‚

2 Yellow and 1 Red Cherry tom in hanging basket 29-4-13


Hanging-upside down Peas 29-4-13


Strawberries were kept inside because ants loved them last year and fattened up on my crop, not this year….I am getting wise to the little critters and am now sorry I did not buy a much bigger tunnel,even though I do like the outdoors a lot.

Green strawbs 29-4-13


Himself is partial to a few radishes,so a small row of these found a little space too…

Himself's Radishes 21-4-13

I can’t wait for the next few weeks to be able to taste all the new season’s veggies. Thanks for stopping by, Happy Gardening !

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