What A Difference A Month Makes!

Well it seems like I am a monthly blogger as it has been a month since my brother was here. I have been busy in the garden,just not here. I am more of a hands on person than writer obviously, even though I have great intentions to write, sometimes I even forget to jot down notes !

Anyway…..What a difference a month of good weather can make to seeds and plants. I have so many peas ready,I have had to start freezing them already…

001 003

Now, I have to say they are inside my tunnel. Actually I planted a lot of my veg in the tunnel this year because I was afraid we would have bad weather again and was taking no chances. But I will be able to sow my autumn veggies in modules sooner as I have free space on my potting table in the “Sheebeen” now.

Earlier, I had brought my strawberries inside the tunnel, under the home made bench, so with the latest sunny,hot weather they were big enough to ripen up faster…and I have had a nice few every day  now !  

Strawberries 29-5-13 Delicious Stawberry 29-5-13








The tomatoes did seem to be at a standstill for a while,but all of a sudden there were lovely yellow flowers and with the burst of  continuous sunshine for the last 4 days, the little baby toms seem to be growing daily, and I haven’t caught up with pictures for two days either….

Toms flowering 29-5-13










My Dwarf French Beans, which I love, have even thrived and we have had a small crop already. I did read somewhere that if you pick some when they are small it encourages more crops. I have 2 rows of these and when they are going over I intend to sow more for autumn.










Himself wants Celery and I was reluctant to grow it this year as it got eaten inside the stems last year, but….I gave in and made him happy….I just noticed in this picture that there is a big darker “S” shape….I think it is just the extra compost from the module….I hope….:)










This was our sunset  a few evenings ago. I don’t know when I last saw such a beautiful sunset in a couple of years!!











The Swede Turnips have germinated in an outside home made type of cold frame and are doing ok…

New swede seedlings 29-5-13









I spotted a space between 2 rows of tomatoes and just could not let it go to waste, so I sowed a row of Carrots in there. I think I read that carrots were ok to companion with tomatoes. At least when all lower tomato leaves will be stripped, the carrots will have more room 😉 I do have another row of carrots in a raised bed.

Row of carrots between 2 rows of toms 29-5-13









Himself needed some more fresh soil to earth up the spuds, so he dug a hole down at the back of the “Sheebeen”. Now…..what does one do with a hole at the end of the garden…..?  You turn it into a little pond where you can hear the wildlife and birds chirping away in the trees, and sit on a home made log seat and listen to their evensong and watch them feeding their young!

New pond with home made seat outside the “Sheebeen” 29-5-13









I also  turned my old overgrown Rockery into a Fairy Garden….This is now a lot fuller as the plants have grown a lot since the photo was taken!

Fairy Garden view 2









And last, but not least….a view up the veggie garden from behind the Gooseberries and Blackcurrant bushes, which are full of fruit this year 🙂

View 2 of the tunnels 29-5-13









Thanks for stepping into my world and I hope you liked the tour….

Happy Gardening to All !







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