Sorry, 6 weeks not here, but good excuses this time ;)

Hy Guys and Gals….Phew…life gets busier the longer I live. I have to go back to 12th June when my daughter-in-law gave birth to my 9th granddaughter, Saoirse…and then 5 days later my youngest daughter produced another granddaughter, Leah…..Image

Then our weather started heating up and had to water profusely. Then I had to go on a weeks holidays with another daughter and her 3 children. We went Glamping (posh camping) in Killarney, we had a great week of weather..Twas actually roasting hot, but we survived. 😉 Never seen this heat in a long. long time!

Home again, home again, jiggity jig and loads of work before me, but I was well rested and ready for action. Himself did a good job in keeping my plants alive by watering profusely, but he was afraid to de-head and weed too much in case of a pending divorce case….lol.

So all in all, things and veggies are looking good…’s a few recent pics of my crops…

Broccoli and Cauliflowers…


My cucumber plant has taken off so well, have had to pickle a big jar of the first 6, now waiting for more further up the vine 🙂

And my onions got so big I had to take them out before their leaves drooped, wow…..too big to use for just 2 of us! They are now drying on the bench.



I don’t know what’s happening here, wordpress has changed so please bear with me 😉


The Pepper plant is doing well and producing many peppers..Image

Think I will leave at this for the moment, cause I cannot go back and review it, so thanks for stopping by, and will be back soon….;)

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