I Did Something Today!

Here I am sooner than even I expected, but my motivation is getting better. I went down to see if we had any egg from one of our girls,only one is laying at the moment the other girl is on strike 🙂

I wanted to get rid of some of the paths in between beds in the tunnel to get more sowing space, and take out a slightly raised bed which really was not needed, and marked out where the sandy soil was for Carrots and Parsnips                      








I also had a few peas which were out growing their container, so I planted them and gave them a bit of warmth with some bubble wrap..       








This little raised bed will have to stay a while as Lettuce, a few Peas and Rocket are growing, though the rocket looks a bit spindly…







Some winter Curly Kale looks like a tree with my little truck as a seat under it 🙂                                                                                                              








Some Tat Soi and Land Cress has overwintered too, but we don’t seem to use it much..









Well I hope you liked a view in my tunnel so far. I really need to sow some Onion seeds soon, hopefully this weekend. Cheers for now, Catherine.


New Year…..Great Expectations!

Having been AWOL for the last 6 months,I have made a new resolution that I will keep track of what is going on in my veggie garden this season. All I have planted so far is some garlic which is very slow growing in my tunnel. I have sorted my seed packets into months and have taken the Bedfordshire Champion onion seeds out of the box. 

The weather over the last couple of weeks has hampered any sowing or planting as the ground is just too sodden to do anything with. I have beds ready in the tunnel, but lack of enthusiasm has hampered me so far. I will get going soon though and take some pictures when there is something to show.

At least this is a start at blogging again and I hope you will have something to see soon 🙂

We did have some winter veggies right up until Christmas this year…

Christmas Day Veggies

Christmas Day Veggies

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