What Can I Say ?!?

Well…..what CAN I say ? I am just a procrastinator ! I have been putting off posting, or rather saying I will do it tomorrow. But I have made it here this evening eventually..LOL!

Since last month’s bad weather and then the turn to warm, gardening friendly …..dare I say IT…..? SUN !!  I have been sowing,planting and watching all the beautiful growth in the garden.

What with the warmth and the rain it was ideal conditions for the plants, but the growth was so fast, it took me by surprise and I had to rearrange beds for new arrivals. As plants grew, so did the weeds, so double work followed me everywhere.

We really did think that “Summer” had come at last. It did too…for 1 week…..remember ? 

Anyway, since my last post, if I can remember back that long ago, we have been harvesting and eating some of our veggies that had become dormant over the winter months.

The tunnel broad beans have been supplying us every second day for weeks. I pinched out the tops as I noticed new shoots were starting to grow from the roots. But as there is only so many beans one can eat in a week, they have become large  pods and taste bitter to me now. I have had my fill of broad beans and probably will give them a skip next year.


This one strawberry plant in the tunnel, I surrounded with a cut down milk carton and kept the dreaded slugs away and we got a nice few fruits, but a little more bitter than my tall tub of strawberries in our old hothouse.




I dug out the tunnel spuds because their stalks were so tall they were falling into other beds. I did have a “rummage” down below before digging them out to make sure there actually was something there and I was pleasantly surprised….we had a few dinners and with the smallies I made potato salad with my own chives , I love potato salad !


I found a place to get recycled pallets!!!!!!

This is my “New” coldframe….I walk past our local lawnmower shop every day now that I don’t have a car ;( and saw loads of pallets just leaning against their wall……In I go on the pretence of asking how much to fix a chainsaw 😉 and by the way Mr.Lawnmower Man…what do you do with all them pallets…..he said they try to find people to take them……EUREEEEKA !!!  I said I would be delighted to take them off your hands……so next delivery day at lawnmower shop, Hey Presto…..big truck outside my door with huge pallets….you all know how big those ride-ons are 🙂

Now I am his best non-paying customer….! He has even given me some of his old skirting boards from his house renovations! New beds…..new fences and soon..new compost bin. I just have to persuade Hubby to get his hammer and nails now!

Ooooh the first taste of those baby carrots….mmmm!



These I just broadcast in a raised bed in the tunnel and we have been eating these sweet babies most days for ages too, I never get fed up of carrots:)


Like peas in a pod….on average I got 8/9 peas in every pod…well peased..LOL!

But they did succumb to greenfly eventually, I guess it was my own fault for setting much to close together. But I have loads in the freezer 😉

On the 25th of May, this was the temp in my tunnel…


And that was with both doors open!!!

My young fella, Rossi, also has a bed in the “Sheebeen” and loves his sun spot !

He has his chain leash on to stop him jumping all over my plants while he is chasing flies, not because I am cruel…LOL!

We…Me, Hubby and Rossi had some pleasant evening sunsets in our garden..

Through the “Sheebeen” door….


Sitting with a nice glass of white wine spritzer at sunset……Bliss!

I have much more to show, but will stop for now. I will solemnly promise to TRY and post updates more frequently, but I also do not want to bore you all with my auld Irish ramblings 😉

Happy Gardening whatever the weather throws at us. We gardeners WILL survive 🙂


To Sow or Not To Sow….That Is The Question!

Well, the first week of January2012 has been unusual, to say the least. Does anyone think that it could be March or even April ?  The weather has been so mild for this time of year,I am nearly afraid to talk about it for fear of bringing on a sudden snowstorm!

Gardeners all over are resisting the urge to sow or plant now to get an early start and have a lot of growth even before the “normal” planting times. Even though I have peas about 2/3  inches tall already, which I sowed last December in my tunnel, I planted them in the old hothouse today (Sun.8th.Jan).Why….you may ask….? Because today was a beautiful, mild and sunny day. The temperature in the tunnels almost reached 20C….I have proof !

So in went the peas…like little soldiers  lining up for inspection…I just hope the slugs and snails are still hibernating.

The little pellets you see on the ground are organic chicken pellets for an extra boost.

I sorted and tidied the potting tunnel (Sheebeen) in readiness for the first sign of continuous mild spring-like weather, but I will probably be able to start in the end of Jan/early Feb. under cover.

I found a lodger who had over-wintered in the Sheebeen, but she looked a little sluggish and did not like being on the Parsley too much…

So, all in all, I think I am ready to sow a few trial runs as soon as I can buy seeding compost!

I will let ye know when I do 🙂

Happy Gardening,


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