New Year…..Great Expectations!

Having been AWOL for the last 6 months,I have made a new resolution that I will keep track of what is going on in my veggie garden this season. All I have planted so far is some garlic which is very slow growing in my tunnel. I have sorted my seed packets into months and have taken the Bedfordshire Champion onion seeds out of the box. 

The weather over the last couple of weeks has hampered any sowing or planting as the ground is just too sodden to do anything with. I have beds ready in the tunnel, but lack of enthusiasm has hampered me so far. I will get going soon though and take some pictures when there is something to show.

At least this is a start at blogging again and I hope you will have something to see soon 🙂

We did have some winter veggies right up until Christmas this year…

Christmas Day Veggies

Christmas Day Veggies


I Wasn’t Going To….

But I decided I would post after a day because when I woke this morning and looked out at the misty fog over the hill, I knew it was going to be a nice day for the garden. I made a cup of tea and that first cup in the morning is the nicest one ever !
The mist was so low I had to wait until 11.a.m. to venture down. I opened the doors of the tunnels and the lower tunnel’s temperature was registering almost 20 degrees Celsius. I had to take off my fleece to work.
I weeded a bit and transplanted some of the tiny Spring Onions into a box to see how they will do in their own snug bed.
My companion Marigolds were looking a bit drab so I dead-headed and tidied them up as there are still some nice colourful blooms.
It was such a boost to get out there as the previous few days were a disaster with gales and torrential rain. But of course the last thing I forget to bring with me is my camera !
This weekend is supposed to be nice also, so maybe I will remember to take pics 🙂
I am looking forward to weeding some more tomorrow. I love being outside in November!
Photos soon 🙂

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